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I am a content expert with 8 years of experience in content marketing, driving content and SEO results for multiple B2C organizations. I’ve assisted over 15 brands in exceeding their content and SEO goals.

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I drive business through strategic content marketing and storytelling, whether that’s producing the content myself or providing editorial guidance to my team. I see what information customers need and understand the best ways to reach and share that information with them.

With cross-channel marketing experience in Brand, Content, SEO and Social Marketing, I have expertise in articles, blogs, e-books, emails, newsletters, photo, social and video campaigns.


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“Caitlin was a client who served as my managing editor for more than two years, and I feel lucky to have worked with her. In my experience, Caitlin’s strengths are clear communication, a great attitude, strong instincts for compelling topics and dedication to amplifying the content I and other writers created for her. Any organization that needs a dynamic, strong content program would be lucky to have Caitlin on their team.”

– Casey Kelly-Barton, Freelance B2B and B2C Content Marketing Writer